Andrew Styles

Andrew Styles

PhD student

University of Oxford


I am a PhD student studying physical oceanography at the University of Oxford. I am based at the department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics (AOPP) and a student of the Environmental Research DTP.

I take an interest in the fluid dynamics of the ocean circulation. I study the dynamics of ocean gyres and how they are influenced by both mesoscale eddies and interactions with the sea floor. I design idealized models, develop diagnostic methods, and use pen-and-paper analysis to find minimal descriptions of ocean processes seen in models and observations.

My current research project is a collaboration between the University of Oxford and the Met Office.


  • Gyre dynamics
  • Sea floor interactions
  • Idealized ocean modelling
  • Diagnostic methods
  • Eddy parametrizations


  • DPhil (Phd) in Physical Oceanography, 2019-

    University of Oxford

  • MPhys in Physics, 2015-2019

    University of Oxford

Recent Posts

I will be presenting at AGU 2022

This year I will be presenting my work at the AGU 2022 conference in Chicago. I will be presenting two posters: My recently published work on spurious forces in the Community Modeling and Open Innovation session on Wednesday, 14th December at 14:45-18:15 CT (link here).

Thanks for having me SO-CHIC and OCEAN:ICE

It has been an incredible and jam-packed week in Paris. The joint meetings for SO-CHIC and OCEAN:ICE showcased some great science and I have met some incredible people. I was introduced to some exciting new observational datasets and I have learned so much about polynyas and their impact on the ocean and atmosphere.

Invited talk at the SO-CHIC and OCEAN:ICE joint project meeting

I have a very exciting week lined up ahead of me. The joint meetings for SO-CHIC and OCEAN:ICE are taking place at Sorbonne University in Paris. On Thursday, I will be sharing some results from my idealized model of the Weddell Gyre.

Seminar at the University of Exeter

This week I will be presenting a seminar for the Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics group at the University of Exeter. The seminar will be an in-depth study of ocean gyres and their vorticity budget and is largely based on my recently published paper.

Best talk at Ocean Modelling SIG!

The Ocean Modelling SIG was a fantastic meeting, jam-packed with great talks. It is therefore a great honour to win the prize for best talk at the meeting alongside Andrea Rochner from Exeter

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