Andrew Styles

Andrew Styles

PhD student

University of Oxford


I am a DPhil (PhD) student studying physical oceanography at the University of Oxford, where I am supervised by David Marshall and Mike Bell.

My research is all about the fluid dynamics of the ocean and how important circulations are represented in ocean models.

I study the dynamics of ocean gyres and how they are influenced by eddy activity, the sea floor, and buoyancy forcing. I tackle this research question by designing idealized models, developing diagnostic methods, analyzing Lagrangian trajectories, and exploring possibilities with pen and paper analysis.

Please reach out to me if you would like to meet or collaborate!

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Recent Posts

Visiting Southampton

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 27th June) I will be visiting Southampton to give a seminar at 11am in the National Oceanography Centre. If you are in Southampton and would like to meet, let me know!

Visiting the British Antarctic Survey

This week I will be visiting the British Antarctic Survey for two days (31st May - 1st June). If you are at BAS or Cambridge and would like to meet, let me know!

Seminar at the University of Liverpool

On Tuesday this week I will be presenting at the University of Liverpool as part of the Ocean seminar series. The seminar is all about the idealized model of the Weddell Gyre that I created and have used throughout my PhD.

Recent Publications

The Sensitivity of an Idealized Weddell Gyre to Horizontal Resolution

Estimates of the Weddell Gyre transport vary widely between climate simulations. Here, we investigate if inter-model variability can …

Spurious Forces Can Dominate the Vorticity Budget of Ocean Gyres on the C-Grid

Gyres are prominent surface structures in the global ocean circulation that often interact with the sea floor in a complex manner. …

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