Andrew Styles

Andrew Styles

PhD student

University of Oxford


I am a PhD student studying physical oceanography at the University of Oxford. I am based at the department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics (AOPP) and a student of the Environmental Research DTP.

I take an interest in the fluid dynamics of the ocean circulation. I study the dynamics of ocean gyres and how they are influenced by both mesoscale eddies and interactions with the sea floor. I design idealized models, develop diagnostic methods, and use pen-and-paper analysis to find minimal descriptions of ocean processes seen in models and observations.

My current research project is a collaboration between the University of Oxford and the Met Office.


  • Gyre dynamics
  • Sea floor interactions
  • Idealized ocean modelling
  • Diagnostic methods
  • Eddy parametrizations


  • DPhil (Phd) in Physical Oceanography, 2019-

    University of Oxford

  • MPhys in Physics, 2015-2019

    University of Oxford

Recent Posts

Seminar at the University of Exeter

This week I will be presenting a seminar for the Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics group at the University of Exeter. The seminar will be an in-depth study of ocean gyres and their vorticity budget and is largely based on my recently published paper.

Best talk at Ocean Modelling SIG!

The Ocean Modelling SIG was a fantastic meeting, jam-packed with great talks. It is therefore a great honour to win the prize for best talk at the meeting alongside Andrea Rochner from Exeter

See you at the Natural History Museum!

I am very excited to be presenting in the Challenger Society Ocean Modelling annual meeting at the Natural History Museum in London. I will be presenting my work on spurious forces in the afternoon session (9th September 13:30 - 15:30 GMT)

I will be presenting at EGU 2022

This year I will be presenting my work at the EGU 2022 conference in Vienna. I will be presenting my work on spurious forces in the Numerical Modelling of the Ocean session (link here).

Preprint of first paper

The preprint of my first paper is available on ESSOAr. In this article we discuss how the model grid can produce dominant spurious forces in both realistic and idealized model gyres.

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