See you at EGU24!

This year I will be returning to Vienna to presenting my work at the EGU 2024 conference. I will be presenting some early work in the OceanBound projct (link here), an ambitious project to rediscover the global ocean through the lens of boundary pressures.

Pre-release of neutralNEMO

About a year ago, I had an idea for a Python package but I couldn’t quite find the time (probably because I was writing a thesis). Either way, I am glad to finally share neutralNEMO with the world.

New position at the British Antarctic Survey

After enjoying a bit of post-PhD relaxation, I have now started as a Physical Oceanographer at the British Antarctic Survey. I am leading the adjoint component of OceanBound, an ambitious project to study the role of ocean boundary pressures in the global ocean.

Finished my PhD!

After four years I have finally finished my PhD at the University of Oxford. An enormous thanks to my two fantastic supervisors, David Marshall and Mike Bell, for their guidance and support.

Idealized Weddell Gyre paper published!

The second paper from my PhD has just been published in JGR: Oceans! Use the link below to take a look! In this paper, we use an idealized model of the Weddell Gyre and find that it is extremely sensitive to horizontal resolution.

Visiting Southampton

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 27th June) I will be visiting Southampton to give a seminar at 11am in the National Oceanography Centre. If you are in Southampton and would like to meet, let me know!

Visiting the British Antarctic Survey

This week I will be visiting the British Antarctic Survey for two days (31st May - 1st June). If you are at BAS or Cambridge and would like to meet, let me know!

Seminar at the University of Liverpool

On Tuesday this week I will be presenting at the University of Liverpool as part of the Ocean seminar series. The seminar is all about the idealized model of the Weddell Gyre that I created and have used throughout my PhD.

Outstanding Student Presentation Award at AGU!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have received an Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) for my talk at AGU22. Thanks to the judges for their helpful feedback and most importantly thanks to all the attendees I met in Chicago who shared their incredible research.

Preprint of my second paper is out!

I am excited to announce that I have submitted my second paper to JGR: Oceans and the preprint is now available on ESS Open Archive. Use the link below to take a look!